Where it all started…

For as far as he could remember, Nassif’s view on the world had constantly been driven by an uncanny inquisitiveness and a fervent passion for learning that constantly drove him to pursue new educational and professional challenges. Eager to spark positive and transformational change in people and organizations around the world, he found himself fascinated by understanding the human condition and talent development, early on in his career.


Nassif’s portfolio includes a wide array of keynotes, behavioral solutions and leadership workshops that have successfully been delivered to corporations, governmental institution and NGOs throughout the MENA region. Most recently, he has been managing and heading the L&D practice at a boutique consulting firm that specializes in Experiential Learning and, in addition, also delivers an interactive leadership program at the Lebanese American University.

His previous experience includes engagements that have helped develop Business and Management Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Innovation. In the past, he was also the managing partner of a leading media organization specializing in Public Speaking Training for television, Image Consulting services and Advanced Communication Skills.

Passionate and Energetic, he is part of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), and is an active member of Alumni Central. In addition to his zeal for sports and music, he also developed an interest for neuroscience and behavioral economics and their business applications in learning, which is currently exploring.